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Workshop RHEM (Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model)

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A workshop training session designed to provide the workshop participants background on dominant hydrologic and erosion processes on rangelands, which are the basis of the Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM). The RHEM model is a new technology from the USDA research groups that is designed specifically for application to grazing lands and grazing land management for soil erosion. The workshop cialis sans ordonnance will show users how to access and interpret model predictions using examples for different ecological and climatic conditions.

Participants will need to bring a windows based laptop to run the model during the workshop. If the user wants to become familiar with the model and background science before the workshop, the RHEM model can be accessed at <http//dss tucson ars ag gov/rhem/> and RHEM scientific publications at <http/apps Tucson ars ag gov/rhem/docs>.

The workshop will be held at the Agriculture and Forestry campus of Udl (ETSEA), probably in a room with computers facilities* for all participants, the evening of Sunday 11 June 2017, from 14-18h.

(*If such is the case, there would not be required participant laptops to run the model).

The workshop will be conducted by 5-6 instructors from the USDA-ARS, the University of Nevada and the Desert Research Institute of Nevada (USA), belonging to the RHEM developing team. Participants will receive digital copy of lecture, worksheets and other documents required to understand and use the erosion prediction tool.




(11 June 2017)

Only participants already registered in CONSOWA2017 may apply.

Participants in the Workshop have to plan to reach Lleida in the morning of Sunday 11 June 2017 the latest.

The maximum number of participants will be 30, selected in strict order of reception of applications.

The applications have to be addressed by email to Rosa M. Poch ( with the following information:

  • Subject: I wish to participate in the Workshop RHEM
  • Name:
  • Country:
  • Institution:
  • Address email:
  • Date of registration in CONSOWA2017:

New discussion sessions

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Discussion Session 1*

Analysis and recommendations to change present limitations for the study and research viagra pas cher of soil and water degradation processes and in the application of prevention and remediation practices.


Discussion Session 2*

(Activity dedicated to and spronsored by the International Decade of Soils (2015-2024) proclaimed by IUSS)

Analysis and setting the challenges and required achievements in the next decade, to prevent and counteract the previewed effects of global changes on soil and water degradation processes and effects on food and water supply for the increasing World population and on the environmental degradation and natural disasters.

(*Based on previously written documents by a selected international group of experts. They would be integrated in a unique document to be distributed among participants in the discussion session, which contributions would be included in the final document to be published as part of the conclusions and recomendations of CONSOWA2017).

News about CONSOWA 2017

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Dear potential participants in CONSOWA2017:

The organization of CONSOWA2017 is progressing as planned, with every good preview in relation to participation of soil and water conservation scientists from all around the World. We are in the process of assuring the participation of a group of very qualified key-note speakers in the different topics of the programmed scientific sessions. Besides, we will have a number of scholarships to facilitate the participation of a selected group of PhD (Dr) students and young scientists, thanks to the contribution of several organizations (IUSS, EGU, ESSC), including CONSOWA.

The planning of the field trips is advancing very well, with programmed interesting visits to sites where varied problems and solutions to different soil and water degradation processes will be observed, together with impressive natural and man-made touristic attractions. The day before the opening of the Congress scientific sessions there is programmed a Workshop, at no cost for participants, about the use of a new Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM), under the conduction of a group of USDA-ARS scientists.

Based on numerous requests from potential participants, there has been decided to postpone the deadlines for short acheter viagra abstract submission and for early registration.

Details about those news are included in the attached information, included in the web of CONSOWA2017.


Ildefonso Pla Sentís

President of CONSOWA